KYBreeze is my personal expression in the areas of science, weather, electronics, radio, satellites, photography, nature, space, art, music, poetry and philosophy.

Weather measurements are made at our station in northeast Oldham County, Kentucky, USA. This station has existed in various locations in Oldham since the early 1990’s. Now publishing under the name KYBreeze, I still own the web domain of OldhamCountyWeather.com.

Weather satellite images are downloaded and processed directly from space, using my own antennas and receivers – no internet involved. Forecasts, warnings and other predictions are provided by the US National Weather Service. I am not a meteorologist, just a weather enthusiast. I am also a licensed ham radio operator in the “Extra” class under the call of AB4KY.

Data on this site is for experimental and educational purposes only and is not to be used to inform weather forecasts. Do not use information here to make decisions to preserve life or property.

Comments have been disabled but I welcome email comments or suggestions via the CONTACT form in the main menu. Thanks for stopping by.

Allen Brown