Daffy For Daffodils

It’s daffodil season. People love them and happily plant them near porches, mailboxes, driveways, and garden paths, usually near enough to the house where they can be enjoyed. While driving past empty pastures in rural Kentucky, where I live, I sometimes come across lone patches of daffodils. This week, one small, brilliant yellow patch in a brown field caught my eye. It was symmetrical in shape and about the distance from the road where a house might have stood.

I remembered reading that people use plantings of flowers, like daffodils, to find old, abandoned homesteads or their ruins. I find this fascinating that we are leaving such beautiful time-spanning markers of our existence.

There are quite a few sources of information on this subject. Here’s one: The Heritage of Land Between The Lakes Daffodils.

The art is titled “Daffy” by the late Grant County artist, William Joseph Petrie.

Thought In Memory Of Thomas Brown

We are here for just a spell and then pass on.

So get a few laughs and do the best you can.

Live your life so that whenever you lose, you are ahead.

Will Rogers