Regrets – I’ve Had A Few

I worked in live broadcasting as a very young man, and I had ample opportunity to do humiliating, foolish things in a public setting. So my bank of cringe-worthy, mortifying memories is deep. I cut myself slack when I realize that no one now remembers or cares about what some adult child said on the radio decades ago.

Deeper regrets, however, the ones that affected the lives of other people, are more difficult to shrug off. With age and experience, regrets about life choices become more pronounced, sometimes at three in the morning. We can be hard on ourselves.

As with all things, choices must be made on how we deal with regret.

“A self-compassionate stance is more likely to make you feel better and encourage self-improvement.”

How To Deal With Regret – From Psyche

Thought In Memory Of Thomas Brown

If you CAN solve your problem, then what is the NEED of worrying?

If you CANNOT solve it, then what is the USE of worrying?