Announcer Speak

Allen Brown’s Amateur Station, AB4KY

Speaking with people around the country and the world on amateur radio is a window into the world of dialects and accents.

The most common technical comment I get from fellow radio operators is how clean and clear my audio is. I naturally have a Kentucky accent, but my broadcast background hammered most of my Mother’s central Kentucky quirks and my Father’s deep Pike County/appalachian patterns out of me.

My signal on amateur radio is no stronger and my audio is no clearer than many others, so I think the frequent comments about my good audio is a reaction to the unaccented speech pattern or “Broadcast English” described in this Atlas Obscura article.

Once one internalizes announcer speak it is difficult to lose it. Certain professions and life experiences leave an indelible mark on speech. Airline pilots, doctors, politicians, teachers and police are a few who come to mind who also have imitative professional patterns.