The Most Beautiful Storyboard Ever

Thanks to a friend for this social media post from the Van Gogh Museum. I just watched “Lust For Life” for the first time last week.

Like millions of others I love the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh and the feelings I have when I see his work are personal. So, I think I had avoided this 1956 biopic out of fear of how Hollywood of the 50’s would treat the story and the images. I was foolish to worry. The images are spectacular. Nearly every frame could stand alone as a loving recreation of the masters of the era.

Photo Credit: IMDB

The story of Van Gogh’s life is just a sketch – and that’s fine. Kirk Douglas brought just the right amount of emotion and love to the role as the filmmakers chose to let the art speak. Director Vincent Minelli, skilled set designers and lighting crews, working from perhaps the most beautiful and detailed storyboard ever created, gave us a chance to see the world through Van Gogh’s eyes. John Houseman produced.

Kirk Douglas may be best remembered as “Spartacus.” For me, since just last week, his legacy will be “Lust For Life.”


“Love has more depth as you get older.”

— Kirk Douglas

Thought Of The Day provided by Thomas Brown – Madwillow Creekhouse.