The Brothers Four

Writing about The Kingston Trio the other day led me to reflect on other groups from the folk craze of the 60’s. The Brothers Four were frat brothers at the University of Washington, thus the group’s name. (The Brothers Four are still around in name only with no founding members in the group.)

They got their start about the same place and time as many others – San Francisco in the late 50’s. Running into Dave Brubeck’s manager and getting a contract with Columbia Records helped.

These guy groups from the era had a similar shtick: Woody Guthrie type stuff (Americana), comedy stuff and sweet, sensitive, reflective stuff.

The simple chords of Green Leaves of Summer, Try To Remember and others were easy for aspiring troubadours to strum and inspired many a young musician. I recall my own feeble efforts at a few of their tunes.

Greenfields was released in 1960 and made it to #2 on the pop charts.


“One can be the master of what one does, but never of what one feels.”
— Gustave Flaubert

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