April 4, 2019, Weather: Get Outside, Art: NY Art Installation Shows Earth From Space, Thought: John Pavlovitz


High today 70. Showers late this afternoon and overnight. Up to 68 tomorrow and in the 70s for the weekend. No more bundling up to exercise while facing a biting wind. When the weather turns spring-like I feel like I can walk or ride my bike all day.


I was fascinated with the images from NOAA’s GOES-East weather satellite so I chose to find out how I could hack the direct feed using my own equipment. I am just a lone experimenter, so to accomplish this I had to feel my way through the engineering. There were many mistakes and failures and the project is still in progress. After almost a year, I have a pretty stable and dependable source for downloading and processing these beautiful images directly from the bird, no internet involved.

I am the guy with his face plastered against the window of an airplane on every flight. I can’t get enough of seeing the planet from a great height. So, I was naturally drawn to these images. The science, art and spirit within them move me and I am not alone.

Public Art Blu Marble by Sebastian Errazuriz

“Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz is known for his captivating public art installations, but his latest piece—titled blu Marble—is quite literally out of this world. The experimental project involves a monumental 20-foot LED structure depicting a live stream of Earth from space. Installed in the middle of New York City, the illuminated spherical sculpture invites the public to contemplate human existence.”

Blu Marble is a reminder of our miraculously fragile existence,” explains Sebastian Errazuriz. “It places our very existence in perspective at a global level—as a tiny spec in space—beckoning us to live fully with an awareness and mindfulness of our limited time on this vulnerable and beautiful planet.”

Read the article at mymodernmet.com


“Today is Someday.”

John Pavlovitz

Thought of the day provided by Thomas Brown – Madwillow Creekhouse.