March 22, 2019, Weather: Sunshine, Art: William Trost Richards, Thought: Orwell


Per the NWS in Louisville: A mostly sunny day, high 51. Clear and cold overnight, down to 26. Bright sunshine Saturday, high 54. Clouds and rain return for Sunday. The upper 60’s return late next week.

Some descriptive prose from the scientist based in Louisville:

“Canadian high pressure sprawling from James Bay to the Big Bend Tuesday morning will slip slowly to the East Coast by Thursday, keeping us dry. Temperatures will gradually moderate as the high passes by, from Tuesday night lows in the upper 20s to Thursday highs around 70.”


William Trost Richards, Indian Summer, 1875

William Trost Richards (November 14, 1833 – November 8, 1905) was an American landscape artist. He was associated with both the Hudson River School and the American Pre-Raphaelite movement. – Wikipedia


“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

George Orwell

Thought of the day provided by Thomas Brown – Madwillow Creekhouse.