March 20, 2019, Weather: Sprinkles For Spring, Art: Grim Grimshaw, Thought: First Day Of Spring – Or Not?


Spring rolls in with some gusty wind out of the southeast, high today 59. The NWS in Louisville says sprinkles will arrive after 4pm.


Twilight – 1971
John Atkinson Grimshaw (6 September 1836 – 13 October 1893) was an English Victorian-era artist who has been called a “remarkable and imaginative painter” best known for his nocturnal scenes of urban landscapes. – Wikipedia


When Is The Real First Day Of Spring—March 20th or 21st?

More in Farmer’s Almanac.

“The first day of spring is one thing, 
and the first spring day is another.”

Henry Van Dyke

Thought of the day provided by Thomas Brown – Madwillow Creekhouse.