March 6, 2019, Tranquil And Cold, Night In St. Cloud, Iconic Bauhaus Sites


From the NWS in Louisville:

Tranquil but continued cold in the short term. (Today)

Light rain/snow mix late this week . . . Heavier showers and strong winds this weekend.

(Now some welcome news.)

Sunday – Tuesday . . . Expansive surface high pressure should take hold for the late weekend and early next week time frame. This will be a dry stretch with high temps falling back into the low and mid 50s by Monday and Tuesday.


Edvard Munch ( 1863–1944) – Night in St. Cloud, 1890.
“Munch’s tribute to his father is composed of a darkened, seemingly hallowed room bathed in crepuscular light, indeed a space occupied only by shadows and stillness.” More about the artist and this painting at The Art Story.


I knew nothing about architecture or the Bauhaus school in Germany that spawned a modernist style of design. That changed in 1981 when I read Tom Wolfe’s “From Bauhaus to Our House.”

Some would say that I learned very little from that book since many of his critics protested that Wolfe knew very little, too. Architects are an opinionated bunch – so was Tom Wolfe.

Can you spot the Bauhaus style? Sure you can. You know it even if you do not know what it is called. Take this little tour at to:

8 Iconic Bauhaus Sites to Visit for Its 100th Anniversary

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Thought of the day provided by Thomas Brown – Madwillow Creekhouse.