February 20, 2019, Awakened By Thunder, “In The Restaurant” in 1907


Pets and humans were awakened by loud early morning thunderstorms. The rain total here in Oldham County since midnight is 1.37 inches. This weeklong rain event is going to cause a lot of trouble. Folks along the river are already sweating the flood forecasts – – again.

NWS in Louisville says our high today will be 55.


“In the Restaurant” (1907), Charles Hoffbauer (1875-1957), born French, became a United States citizen.
More about the artist in Wikipedia.


“Those who will not reason, are bigots, 
those who cannot, are fools, 
and those who dare not, are slaves.”

Lord Byron

Thought of the day provided by Thomas Brown – Madwillow Creekhouse.