February 19, 2019, Snow Moon No Show, “Moonlight Douzette”


If you did not glimpse the nearly full moon last night you probably missed your chance. When the full “Snow Moon” rises tonight at 6:39 PM Oldham County time, clouds will be thick and our heralded precip event will be gearing up.

We have a Winter Weather Advisory for a couple of inches of slushy snow this evening and a Flood Watch that stretches before us like a long, muddy river. On the bright side – temps will rise into the 60s by the weekend.

Standing in for the hidden moon, I offer a spooky landscape under its veiled glow by an artist who specialized in painting moonlight.


Carl Ludwig Christoph Douzette 1834-1924 German painter.
Per Wikipedia: His post-romantic style earned him the nickname “Moonlight Douzette”.


“Consciousness is the glory of creation.”

James Broughton

Thought of the day provided by Thomas Brown – Madwillow Creekhouse.