February 13, 2019, The Progress Of Spring, Do Animals Have Feelings?


The weather will take a breather for a couple of days. The sun may return later and temps will rise into the low 40s. Not very warm, especially with some gusty winds still kicking about, but maybe moderate enough for a walk in the park with the right clothing.


Charles Daniel Ward (British, 1872–1935), The Progress of Spring, 1905
About the artist, from Dahesh Museum of Art:

“A painter of portraits, landscapes, and figural compositions, Ward exhibited his paintings regularly at the Royal Academy, where he showed The Progress of Spring in 1905. In this large, allegorical canvas, he suggests the season of abundant growth and renewed life with a procession of young maidens gathering flowers along a blossom-carpeted forest path. The progress of life is implied by the budding courtship between the coy maiden and her persistent suitor in the center. This symbolism is reinforced by the ewe and her three lambs grazing to the left just behind them.  Ward’s vision for this version was possibly the Roman writer Virgil’s series of pastoral poems collectively called The Georgics: ‘When winter’s rage abates, when cheerful hours Awake the spring, the spring awakes the flow’rs, On the green turf thy careless limbs display, And celebrate the mighty Mother’s Day. . . .'”


Scientists Are Totally Rethinking Animal Cognition

What science can tell us about how other creatures experience the world.

Scientists are now finding evidence of an inner life in alien-seeming creatures that evolved on ever-more-distant limbs of life’s tree.  From The Atlantic.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”


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