February 9, 2019, Sunny And Cold, The Pioneering Women Who Designed Car Interiors In The 1950s


It will be cold today but a Saturday with sunshine and temps in the thirties just does not seem so bad. Precip moving in tomorrow could contain a wintry mix. The experts are cautioning to watch the rivers and streams in the coming week.


Peder M Mönsted / 1904
About the artist, from Wikipedia:

His father was a well-to-do shipbuilder. At an early age, he began to receive painting lessons at the
art school in Aarhus and, from 1875 to 1879, studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts with Niels Simonsen and Julius Exner. In 1882, he spent some time in Rome and Capri then, the following year, visited Paris, where he worked in the studios of William Adolphe Bouguereau.

In 1889, he went to Algeria. Three years later, he traveled to Greece, where he was a guest of King 
George I, who was Danish. While there, he also did portraits of the Royal Family. After that, he visited Egypt and Spain.

His travels produced numerous sketches that became paintings he presented at several international exhibitions. Most of his landscapes were, however, devoted to Scandinavia. He was especially popular in Germany, where he held several shows at the Glaspalast in Munich. During his later years, he spent a great deal of time in Switzerland and traveling throughout the Mediterranean. Most of his works are in private collections. In 1995, a major retrospective, called “Light of the North”, was held in Frankfurt am Main.


The Pioneering Women Who Designed Car Interiors in the 1950s

“It opened the door for many women, but at the same time, they were sort of objectified, photographed like they were models, and relegated to the sidelines when it came to their responsibilities,” . . . “But all of them were highly talented—and they took the opportunity and ran with it.”
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