February 4, 2019, Faux-Spring Continues, A Winged Giant Bigger Than T-Rex


Back into the mid-sixties again today but, unlike yesterday’s faux-spring, there will be no sunshine. Rain moves in mid-afternoon. Heavy rain mid-week. We dry out for Friday and Saturday. Precip returns on Sunday.


Oscar Carl Laurits Schutte (1837-1913, Danish)
“Interior from Bygholm Castle with a Back Turned Woman by the Fireplace” 1883


And you think the Blue Jays and Woodpeckers at your bird feeder are big?

“Mark Witton is a paleobiologist on a mission. He says more people should know about one spectacular flying animal that lived more than 65 million years ago: Arambourgiania philadelphiae.”

Read the article at BBC Earth.

“There is no way you can use the word ‘reality’ without quotation marks around it.”

Joseph Campbell

Thought of the day provided by Thomas Brown – Madwillow Creekhouse.